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Alogent Deposit Automation Solutions

Alogent® Deposit Automation Solutions 

Alogent Deposit Automation Solutions help financial institutions reduce costs, increase transaction processing efficiencies, generate revenue, mitigate fraud, and optimize the customer experience from any point of presentment – whether it is in-person at the branch, online, or on-the-go.

Alogent Deposit Automation Solutions have been successfully deployed and proven at some of the largest, most sophisticated financial institutions in the world. They provide exceptional scalability, usability, integration capabilities, and control to financial institutions in support of enterprise image capture strategies. These solutions include:

  • Branch Deposit Automation Solutions for teller image capture, branch back counter, and regional image capture.
  • Remote Deposit Capture Solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of market segments and include commercial, retail, and mobile applications.
  • Image ATM and Cash Vault Solutions.
  • Enterprise Duplicate Detection and Fraud Prevention Services.
  • Alogent Payments Gateway, which serves as a central collection, processing, reporting, and routing solution for images and data received across the enterprise, and facilitates back office replacement initiatives.


Alogent Solutions Overview
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Branch Knowledge Center
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RDC Knowledge Center
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Alogent Back Counter
Efficiently process transactions deferred through front counter and support standalone branch back counter and regional image capture.

Alogent Commercial Remote Deposit
In-house, full featured remote deposit solution for large depositors.

Alogent Enterprise Duplicate Detection
Real-time, duplicate item detection across multiple points of presentment.

Alogent Front Counter
Full-featured teller image capture solution that scans and converts paper checks, deposit slips, and other items to electronic images upon receipt by the teller in the branch, and automates manual processes tasks.

Alogent Image ATM
Reduce costs and streamline processing from image-enabled ATMs

Alogent Interactive Capture
Alogent Interactive Capture allows an FI to offer a unified experience to the customer regardless of the platform utilized. Customer information is appropriately gathered and presented, enabling the customer to seamlessly operate at various points of interaction.

Alogent Mobile Remote Deposit
In-house, mobile remote deposit solution allowing deposits any time and anywhere using a mobile smartphone.

Alogent Payment Web Services
In-house, remote deposit solution supporting integration of commercial and retail remote deposit functionality into any online application.

Alogent Payments Gateway
Collection point for images and data received across the financial institution enterprise, supports image-based processing and endpoint routing.

Alogent Remote Deposit Interactive
Upgraded RDC for Today's Consumer and Commercial Needs

Alogent Retail Remote Deposit
In-house, remote deposit solution for small and micro businesses as well as consumers.

Alogent Solutions Overview