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​Today, the data and reports you need can sometimes be difficult to locate and reference. Key information often resides in multiple, diverse areas of a typical financial institution – especially post-merger or after an acquisition when different systems exist.

Lacking a centralized point for your data makes it difficult to store, find, and share information, not to mention the reporting challenges. It also raises unsettling questions about data security.

So what's the good news? Getting to the data you need can be a much easier process. Today's next-generation solutions in Imaging and Data Management allow you to do more than ever before. Successful converting, integrating, and centralizing of your data and reports simply takes the right partner with the right experience.

New state-of-the-art technology offers FIs the ability to seamlessly convert images and data from antiquated imaging systems into a more cost-effective and comprehensive storage solution. All of your checks, documents, and statements are then accessible at the click of a mouse for fast research and printing. Your storage solution can be either in-house or hosted remotely for convenient searching and retrieval at your fingertips.

ProfitStars, a Jack Henry Company, has converted databases that go back to 1940. We have the experience to help you accomplish more with your Imaging & Data Management solutions than ever before – all without a daunting upfront investment. With the help of ProfitStars you can:

  • Integrate multiple systems to work together.

  • Locate signature cards to check images.

  • Save time by using a powerful database to quickly find any record (versus the time spent searching through paper records).

  • Design a modular imaging & conversion solution built to grow with your needs.

  • Achieve results that dramatically exceed the sum of the parts – with technology that supports you each step of the way while allowing you to build and grow.

Whether your institution wants to get closer to the point of transaction, seeks better integration, or low-cost access to legacy data, ProfitStars is available as a resource or a partner for you. Here at our Imaging & Data Management Knowledge Center, you can access valuable educational resources and information that will point you in the right direction.

Begin exploring our variety of Knowledge Center links today, or contact us anytime with your questions at

Enterprise Content Management

Effectively Manage Your Content Throughout the Entire Enterprise. 

Reduce costs by efficiently converting and importing legacy system data as well as merger and acquisition (M&A) content into your current platforms.

Suite of solutions that effectively handles all aspects of imaging.