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Our Products

ACH Client
Proven ASP solution for originations of every ACH transaction type

ACH Manager
Secure, ASP platform processes, validates, manages and reports on all NACHA-formatted files for incoming and originated transactions

Banno Marketing PS
Targeted Digital Marketing

Banno Mobile
FI-branded mobile banking and bill pay application for smartphones

Banno Monitor
Targeted suite of security services

Centurion Business Continuity Planning
Enterprise-wide business continuity consulting

Centurion Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery services for core and complementary solutions

Centurion Enterprise-Level Recovery
Secure backup and recovery of Windows®-based core systems, complementary and business software, and data assets

Check 21 Cash Letter
Electronic Cash Letter

Check 21 Exception Processing
Fully Automated Exception Item Processing

Digital Marketing Services
Interactive digital marketing services that enhance website relevance

Digital Quality Management
Automated digital governance solution for financial institution websites

Secure, outsourced storage of converted check image, document image and COLD report data in a completely web-based retrieval system

ECS Digital Data Conversion
Digital to digital data conversion of any type of files to any type of output

ECS RDC Conversion
Convenient data migration between legacy RDC systems and EPS

Genesys Check Imaging & Branch Capture
Proof of deposit, remote, and branch capture systems

Gladiator Advanced Malware Protection
A cloud-based, cutting edge security monitoring layer to proactively defend against malware

Gladiator CoreDEFENSE Managed Security Services
Around-the-clock management, correlation, and monitoring of multiple security layers designed specifically for financial institutions

Gladiator Enterprise Network Design, Implementation & Support Services
Local and wide area network services

Gladiator Enterprise Security Monitoring (ESM)
A new security monitoring layer provides expert 24x7x365 monitoring of your Jack Henry core and host system to prevent outside hacker attempts as well as internal security breaches

Gladiator Enterprise Virtualization Services
Server and desktop virtualization solutions

Gladiator Hosted Network Solutions
Trusted services that reduce your infrastructure and IT burden.

Gladiator IT Regulatory Compliance/Policy Products
Sound policy solutions and electronic security awareness training

Gladiator Managed IT Services
Powerful monitoring and management of your financial institution’s mission critical IT infrastructure by highly skilled engineers

Gladiator NetTeller ESM
A fully-automated, real-time monitoring solution that provides an additional layer of security 24x7x365 to proactively protect banks and their retail and commercial customers from costly online fraud while also helping customers adhere to regulatory mandates

Gladiator Technology Consulting Services
Information security and IT regulatory compliance consulting services provide comprehensive information security assessments and proactive planning

Gladiator Unified Communications Services
Both in-house and hosted services provide a single converged network to support data, voice, and video traffic simultaneously

iPay Business Bill Pay
Small business online bill payment suite

iPay Consumer Bill Pay
Fully integrated retail bill pay solution

Comprehensive image capture system electronically processes all types of transactions originating from multiple channels, including branches and ATMs, and primarily serves credit unions

JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Now (RDN)
Web-based remote deposit capture that supports customer proofing and balancing

JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA)
Mobile and flatbed remote deposit capture

JHA SmartPay Remote Deposit Complete (RDC)
Web-based remote deposit capture with ProfitStars proofing and balancing services

Microsoft Office 365
Cloud-based delivery of industry-leading Microsoft business solutions

Remote Deposit Express (RDX)
Advanced web-based remote deposit capture that supports customer proofing and balancing

SmartSight and SmartSight for Business
EPS business intelligence dashboard and risk management tool that offers actionable insights and drill-down research capabilities

Modular ECM solution suite

Synergy Express
Outsourced enterprise content management solution

Website Design & Hosting
Comprehensive, specialized website design, content management and hosting service for financial institutions