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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
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Synergy Enterprise Content Management™ (ECM) System

Effectively Manage Your Content Throughout the Entire Enterprise

In the current market, financial institutions need to think faster, work smarter, and optimize their resources wherever possible. Today’s modular Synergy ECM solution from ProfitStars integrates with your technology platform and business processes to manage documents, reports, and check images, delivering the flexibility you need to enhance business agility and efficiency.

A complete ECM solution...
Synergy Enterprise Content Management system consists of 14 integrated modules that enable financial institutions to securely capture, archive, retrieve, and distribute report data, electronic documents, and check images. This state-of-the-art ECM solution has helped banks and credit unions to revolutionize document management and further automate their business processes.

The flexibility to handle it all...
Regardless of system origin, format, or layout, this sophisticated solution supports all forms of content including enterprise report management (ERM), check images, signature cards, loan files, deposit agreements, e-mails, traditional correspondence, word processing documents, spreadsheets, photos, and Web pages.

The content of stored documents can be searched with free-form, natural language searches rather than complicated indexes and inconclusive keywords. Synergy ECM system provides improved tracking and monitoring capabilities, enabling banks and credit unions to identify process issues and modify the system to improve efficiency. This system also offers reliable and accurate audit trails.

Secure the integrity of your documentation...
Unlike traditional document storage and retrieval systems, Synergy ECM helps ensure data integrity and security by providing access to only the document images. This unique capability protects original data from being changed or manipulated. In addition to strictly enforcing internal mandates governing data security and integrity, Synergy ECM supports compliance with regulatory requirements.

Integration makes it easy...
The Synergy Enterprise Content Management solution seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of core operating systems and other complementary products. This system's intuitive Windows®-based operation enables financial institutions to maximize the benefits with minimal training, ongoing administration, and technical support.


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