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Comprehensive Teller, Remote, Remittance, and ATM Image Capture and Fraud Prevention Solution

Need the ability to automatically process transactions of any kind ... quickly and efficiently? ImageCenter from ProfitStars is a comprehensive image capture solution – backed by nearly 20 years of development, experience, and enhancements – that electronically processes all transaction types for credit unions and banks. The ImageCenter suite of solutions automatically processes transactions of any kind ... quickly and efficiently.

The system leverages integrated modules that operate as the collection point for transactions originating from multiple channels, including teller stations, branches, image-based and conventional ATMs. Image Capture accepts data and image input files from multiple sources, including third-party providers, in a variety of formats. ImageCenter supports five capture methods: Teller, Branch, Central, Image ATM, and Remote Deposit.
From the Teller Line or ATM to Your Back Office – with Efficiency
ImageCenter eliminates the manual handling of paper checks, starting as close to the customer as possible. It images checks at the teller station and those entered into ATMs, then reconciles and balances them, significantly reducing manual processes.
If your institution is leaning on ATMs instead of branches, ImageCenter helps you to reduce the need for couriers. It acts as a powerful solution for exchanging and processing check images and easily handles converting data into whatever format is needed.
ImageCenter’s open architecture can also accept input files of images and data from a wide variety of sources and in various formats ranging from teller to ATM to third-party providers.
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